Tiktok – the latest social media fad or here to stay?

TikTok reached 190 million Southeast Asian users in 2018, according to a report by Sensor Tower. The short-form video platform has been making waves for all the right - and wrong - reasons. By taking TikTok as a case study, our New Media Working Group defined some of the core elements that can make or break new apps and give them staying power.

2020-02-21T12:09:45+08:00February 21st, 2020|brand safety, IAB News, IAB Research|

OP-ED: THE enigma of ad exposure – why viewability should be a top priority in online advertising

In this Op-Ed, members of our Brand Safety Working Group Laura Quigley of IAS and Paul Waller of MediaComexplain why viewability will always matter and why the industry needs to consider it as part of a wider approach to measuring ad effectiveness.

2020-02-12T16:12:19+08:00February 12th, 2020|brand safety, IAB News, IAB Research|

Brand safety: Culture vs Tech

Sinead Canny, Unruly, and Nuno Jonet, Pocketmath, discussed the impact that culture has on brand safety and in setting the red lines of what is and isn’t acceptable for a brand. Read on to read their views on this interesting topic… and to see the ad in question.

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Is This The Beginning of a Data War?

Netflix's the Great Hack brought to light some of the common practices in our industry around data collection, personalisation and user targeting. In this piece, Kaixin Kang, Elizabeth Glancy and Anne-Marie Zimille from our Brand Safety Working Group analyse what impact this documentary could have on our region.

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IAB SEA+India first mover in investigating regional brand safety to address inconsistencies across the industry

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Southeast Asia and India (IAB SEA+India) has released the first extensive regional brand safety study. Developed and produced by the recently formed specialty Working Group on Brand Safety, the report investigates behaviors and approaches to three key areas; Standards and Measures, Viewability Metrics and Ad Fraud.

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