Content marketing trends to watch out for in 2019

Content Marketing isn't a new concept, but certainly a lot has changed with the increased availability of broadband and internet, growing smartphone penetration and decreasing technology costs. According to Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts 2018, an average person would spend up to 8 hours per day listening to, watching, reading and generally interacting with media. Here are 5 trends affecting where, when and how content is consumed.

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Master the art of writing a thorough content marketing brief and ensure that all stakeholders are aligned. IAB Singapore’s Content Committee breaks down the core campaign elements you need to consider when communicating with your creative agencies and partners. Download the brief template and start using today.

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Content for the Long Haul: Determining the TRUE value of content marketing

IAB Singapore’s Content and Video committee has released Content for the Long Haul, a white paper intended to serve as a guideline for marketers across [...]

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