Future proof the changing asian digital consumer journey with data analytics (part one)

Sebastian Cruz, Kimberly Clark APAC’s Media Manager identified a 2X return on ad spend as a result of what? Find out in part one of this two piece series by our IAB SEA+India Analytics Committee, taking a closer look at how consumers navigate digital has changed and how marketers can leverage this with data analytics.

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A rough guide to navigating the voice landscape

Our New Media group has developed this whitepaper with all the key insights about the Asia Pacific voice landscape and forecasts for the next big opportunity in voice, equipping you with the right knowledge to speak about voice as an expert.

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Digital Differences Between East And West: Miranda Dimopoulos, CEO, IAB Southeast Asia+India, Sheds Some Light

IAB SEA+India Regional CEO Miranda Dimopoulos shares insights on the differences in digital economies between East and West with Forbes US.

2020-01-14T15:06:24+08:00January 8th, 2020|IAB News, IAB Research, Trends|

Plan holistically to succeed in marketing in the digital economy, or else.

Audrey Kuah, member of IAB SEA+India’s Regional Board and Managing Director, Global Data Innovation Centre and Executive Director, Media, Asia Pacific, Dentsu Aegis Network shares 5 key principles for ensuring CMO's not only survive, but thrive in the digital economy even amidst tough times.

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‘Big data’ turned 21 this year. Has adtech grown up?

By 2022 total internet traffic is expected to be 150,700 GB per second and already, adtech is playing catch up. As volume, velocity and variety of data increases, Dave Goodfellow, member of IAB SEA+India’s Regional Board and Business Development & Partnerships Strategy Director, International, Oracle forecasts a future we need to prepare for to close the gap.

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What makes a rising star?

The World Economic Forum describes the Asia-Pacific as a beacon for competitiveness, with Singapore recently being named the most competitive economy in the world. We reached out to the IAB SEA+India Rising Stars to learn what skills set them apart and how they keep up with the competitive nature of our industry.

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Glossary of new media

Do you ever get confused about all the terminology thrown around in New Media and what they are actually for? Our experts Working Group on New Media has put together a helpful glossary to define some of the most common types of New Media channels in Asia Pacific, demystifying terms like AR, VR, CTV and DOOH.

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Brand safety: Culture vs Tech

Sinead Canny, Unruly, and Nuno Jonet, Pocketmath, discussed the impact that culture has on brand safety and in setting the red lines of what is and isn’t acceptable for a brand. Read on to read their views on this interesting topic… and to see the ad in question.

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Branding in programmatic – what’s holding our industry back?

In a report by Forrester, only 13% of marketers said they use programmatic buying for branding. Josh Quek, Xaxis and Vivek Misra, Anymind Group, decided to investigate what’s holding marketers back from branding via programmatic and which opportunities are being missed by not making use of this channel in our Programmatic Committee.

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