Are B2B Marketing Rules Different from B2C?

Our Regional Board Member and head of agency and channel sales for APAC at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Alex Sibois, shares the three important elements to consider when it comes to #B2B #Marketing and why it's essential to design for uncertainty, not precision.

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IAB Southeast Asia and India: The Regional Brand Safety Landscape

Developed and produced by the recently formed specialty Working Group on Brand Safety, the report investigates behaviors and approaches to three key areas; Standards and Measures, Viewability Metrics and Ad Fraud.

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Smart Cities – Are We Ready For The Inevitable?

Central to building smart cities is the use of data In this piece, Joe Nguyen, IAB SEA+India Regional Board Member shares his thoughts on Joe Nguyen digital advertisers being at the forefront of making smart cities a reality sooner rather than later. 

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An Overview on M-commerce in Asia

With more than 90% of SEA's internet users on smartphones and consumer behaviour in Asia being different than the rest of the world, this 4-part series looks into the state of mCommerce in a mobile-first region.

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Why last click should be your last choice – #backtothefuture

Do we truly know the true value of our ads? In the face of increasing complexity in today's digital world, marketers often fall back onto last click attribution models. The good news is that there are superior ways to understand the true value and effectiveness of ads to ensure that credit is given when it is due and ensuring a sound media strategy.

Content marketing trends to watch out for in 2019

Content Marketing isn't a new concept, but certainly a lot has changed with the increased availability of broadband and internet, growing smartphone penetration and decreasing technology costs. According to Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts 2018, an average person would spend up to 8 hours per day listening to, watching, reading and generally interacting with media. Here are 5 trends affecting where, when and how content is consumed.

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Four reasons why gaming should be a key channel for all media buyers

Games account for approximately one in every four app downloads, and 76% of global App revenues across all categories. Designed to retain attention, establish direct relationships with users and create a social experience, marketers are not giving the proper acknowledgement to this new medium within their media strategies.

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This piece introduces a three-part series delving into the impact of digital channels on consumer decision-making in the region that's home to the world's fastest-growing e-commerce markets. [...]

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Advertisers, their agencies and the whole marketing ecosystem are beginning to understand what the consumer wants rather than where they have been, thanks to AI – writes [...]

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