Jakarta, Indonesia, 29 March 2017 comScore today announced the launch of MMX Multi-Platform, along with major upgrades to Mobile Metrix in Indonesia with the introduction of data from its recently launched mobile consumer panel. The introduction of Android mobile panel data expands comScore’s measurement of mobile audiences in Indonesia to enable more robust reporting of visitation, engagement and demographics, including new segments for age and gender. This development follows comScore’s appointment as the Online Audience Measurement Partner in Indonesia by the Indonesian Digital Measurement Consortium (IDMC) and Bekraf.

“We are committed to bringing robust solutions to Indonesia, and are delighted to announce the introduction of mobile panel data which will enable more granular insights into audiences and their content consumption across smartphones and tablets,” said Joe Nguyen, senior vice president, Asia Pacific at comScore. “This development marks a key measurement milestone in Indonesia. We look forward to delivering even more data and insights that media buyers and sellers need, to optimise their digital strategies and better understand the competitive advertising landscape.”

“Audience measurement in today’s evolving mobile and multi-platform environment is challenging. The industry needs trusted, unduplicated measurement that accurately captures how consumers are engaging with content across devices and platforms, especially mobile as it plays an increasingly important role in our lives,” said Jerry Justianto, chairman of IDMC. “We fully support comScore in their continued commitment to advancing digital measurement in Indonesia, and delivering innovative, quality solutions to advertisers, agencies and publishers alike.”

comScore MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix combine data from desktop and mobile consumer panels with data from the comScore census network. This approach provides unduplicated, persons-based measurement of total digital reach. Further, comScore measurement continues to evolve to address consumers’ changing behaviours and new technologies. This includes the ability to measure and credit traffic from third-party apps and content distributors such as Facebook Instant Articles and the Google Play Newsstand, to ensure publishers are able to consistently account for their entire digital audience across devices.

MMX Multi-Platform Measures Holistic View Across Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets

According to MMX Multi-Platform, the Total Digital Population in Indonesia reached nearly 63.6 million unique visitors/viewers in January 2017 with 14.8 percent of that population accessing the Internet from both desktop and mobile platforms.

Total Digital Population from Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices in Indonesia
January 2017
Total Indonesia – Age 6+ on Desktop and Age 18+ on Mobile Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform


Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Digital Population Desktop Mobile
Total Internet: Total Audience 63,564 21,212 51,745

Top Web Properties Visited from Mobile Devices in Indonesia

In January 2017, the top three mobile web properties reached more than half of the total audience. The top mobile web property Google Sites reached 35.5 million unique visitors, equivalent to 87.7 percent of the total population. Facebook followed closely with nearly 26.0 million users. Kompas Gramedia secured the third position with 21.6 million visitors, making it the top News/Information web property for mobile device users, ahead of KLN KapanLagi Network Sites and Trans Media (Trans Corp).

Top 10 Web Properties from Mobile Devices in Indonesia
January 2017
Total Indonesia – Age 18+, Mobile Web only
comScore Mobile Metrix
Rank Property Total Mobile
Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet: Total Audience (Mobile Web only) 40,511 100.0
1 Google Sites 35,518 87.7
2 Facebook 25,966 64.1
3 Kompas Gramedia 21,645 53.4
4 KLN KapanLagi Network Sites 16,507 40.7
5 Kreatif Media Karya Online^ 16,171 39.9
6 WORDPRESS.COM 12,360 30.5
7 Trans Media (Trans Corp)^ 11,131 27.5
8 ELEVENIA.CO.ID 8,131 20.1
9 Lazada Sites 8,072 19.9
10 Yahoo Sites 7,565 18.7

^Kreatif Media Karya Online includes LIPUTAN6.COM, while Trans Media (Trans Corp) includes DETIK.COM.

Top Apps Visited from Mobile Devices in Indonesia

In January 2017, the top eight mobile apps reached more than half of the total audience. Google Play ranked #1 with nearly 44.3 million unique visitors, reaching 96.0 percent of the total mobile app population. WhatsApp Messenger followed closely, reaching nearly 35.8 million users with an average of 475.0 minutes spent per visitor. YouTube came in third with 35.6 million visitors. Facebook, Line and WhatsApp Messenger were the apps with the highest engagement in terms of average minutes per visitor in the top 10 ranking.

Top 10 Apps from Mobile Devices in Indonesia
January 2017
Total Indonesia – Age 18+, Mobile App only
comScore Mobile Metrix
Rank App Total Mobile
Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet: Total Audience (Mobile App only) 46,130 100.0
1 Google Play 44,292 96.0
2 WhatsApp Messenger 35,799 77.6
3 YouTube 35,627 77.2
4 BBM 34,748 75.3
5 Google Search 30,442 66.0
6 Gmail 28,584 62.0
7 Line 27,613 59.9
8 Instagram 23,876 51.8
9 Facebook 22,268 48.3
10 Google Maps 20,865 45.2


This latest development in Indonesia expands comScore’s advanced mobile measurement solutions to a total of eight markets across the globe. In the coming months, comScore will also introduce advanced mobile measurement in China, India, Malaysia, France, Germany and Argentina as we continue to expand our global mobile measurement footprint.


comScore will share more details on this announcement at its launch event in Jakarta tomorrow. To learn more about MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix, as well as the launch event, please contact us.