Commissioned by dataxu, this whitepaper presents the current perceptions of media agencies, brands, and consumers around the existing and future state of the TV landscape.

Research conducted from more than 1000 interviews split between businesses and consumers uncovered the following:

  • The majority of consumers surveyed still watch television through traditional formats, as opposed to paid subscription services or Smart TV’s
  • Age demographics vary for each type of TV content available – a larger proportion of younger generations opted for paid subscription services, which is likely to increase in the coming years
  • Netflix is currently the most popular subscription service for consumers in Singapore, with almost half of those surveyed already subscribing to it
  • Brands and agencies alike stated that they plan to increase investment on Advanced TV over the next 5 years by 29%
  • Consumers are also shown to be more conscious of how their data is being used – claiming they believe their data has become more valuable to advertisers
  • Very few consumers (35%) who believe they have been targeted by personalised advertising can recall what this was about. Nevertheless, the majority of consumers believe that their overall experience with advertising has improved, thanks to ads being more suited to their preferences and habits

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