The IAB FYI series kicked off on Thursday 2nd April with a fully sold out session entitled FYI Series: The Asian Traveller, Capturing Collective Wanderlust Is Harder Than It Sounds. With an impressive line-up of speakers from AirBnB, Visa, TripAdvisor, Comscore, Kantar Millward Brown, Unruly, Publicis Media, RTB House & iProspect.

Below are our top key takeaways from the event:

Researching Travel

  • APAC does more research on travel than any other region
  • Stability of wifi and phone networks is key to travel bookings across SEA & India
  • Travel websites are great sources of information, however it pays to look at the other interests of your audience, for example pet websites in Indonesia skew higher on travel intenders
  • TV is not dead when it comes to Travel
  • Social media is not always a reliable source of truth for users

Emerging Travel Trends

  • Healthy tourism is a key growth areas e.g. social causes to travel
  • Travellers in the region like to go beyond main cities and make their own adventures
  • Cultural differences can play a big part when choosing a destination and brands need to consider this when looking at a strategy which works
  • Solo travel has grown in popularity across the region which requires brands to take a different approach. There is no one size fits all when it comes to travel marketing, personalisation is key
  • Ease of payment is crucial

Data & Personalisation

  • Real time data signals can help inform smart decisions-  such as the upcoming rugby world cup in Japan
  • Intent based data is only one way to approach travel intenders, if you are looking to inspire your audience, you need to find out what it is that resonates with them
  • There is a huge amount of data, however the quality of the data and how it is sourced is key. Types of data available to brands include partner data and in market data – you may not even see what data your partners have so you are able to reconcile it with what you see yourself.
  • Dynamic creative in the age of personalisation is key
  • Assets – sequential messaging will take your users on a journey
  • Social strategy may not speak to the rest of your strategy due to limitations in data sharing