APAC consumers demand better mobile experience

Singapore, September 28th 2016: Mobile shopping and purchasing have become the norm across the globe, according to “Mobile Commerce: A Global Perspective,” an in-depth survey of mobile users from 19 countries around the world, released today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) at the IAB MIXX Conference. The report compares the similarities and differences between markets, and finds that globally, APAC has more frequent, but less satisfied mobile purchasers.

The IAB surveyed 3,800 respondents in 19 countries, including Singapore, China, Japan and Australia. APAC consumers take the lead in frequent mobile purchases. Globally, nearly a quarter of mobile users make a weekly purchase on mobile. In APAC, the number rises to nearly a third. China in particular boasts a 47% weekly purchase rate, suggesting tremendous potential for mobile advertising in the fast-developing country.

However, APAC consumers are less satisfied. In Singapore and China, respondents are 50% more likely to have a previous negative purchase experience. In addition, only three in four APAC consumers are satisfied with their mobile purchase, compared to four in five globally. As a result, APAC consumers are 11% less likely to make a repeat mobile purchase in the next 6 months. As respondents cite negative purchase experiences as a key barrier to repeat purchase, this underscores a need to for sellers in the region to be more transparent in their marketing efforts.

“While mobile purchasers are high in APAC, poor buying experiences have dampened initial enthusiasm“ says Regina Goh, IAB Mobile Committee Chair and Managing Director, Asia, Blis, “sellers in the region need to consider the consumer’s journey from the first click to post-purchase to ensure customers are delighted and come back for more.”

APAC consumers are also less responsive to mobile ads. 28% of APAC respondents have not interacted with mobile ads in the last six months, the highest across all regions. This corroborates with earlier research by the IAB Singapore (IAB SG), showing APAC companies are still driven by quantity over quality. Companies that focus on understanding their audience and delivering relevant ads stand to gain in a region inundated by spray-and-pray

“Many markets in APAC are mobile-first, and consumers are now mature online buyers with more discerning tastes than the global average,“ says Miranda Dimopoulos, CEO IAB SG, “advertisers who make an effort to understand their needs and craft the right messages have a tremendous opportunity to cut through the noise and seize market share.”

To read the report, please click here or copy and paste this into your browser: http://iab.com/globalcommerce