• Challenges remain in relating campaign activities and results to marketing and business outcomes
  • White paper is aimed at addressing a gap in available industry literature and offer best practises

Singapore, July 24, 2017 – To help brands seeking to better align marketing activity to business objectives, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Singapore’s Measurement & Standards Committee has released a new white paper centred on measurement frameworks.

Across all verticals, marketers continue to face huge challenges in relating campaign activities and results to marketing and consequently business outcomes. This is driven in part by a fragmented digital media landscape and the still-evolving capabilities at play spanning technology infrastructure, tools and talent.

“Connecting campaigns and their contribution to marketing and overall business objectives has long been coveted by marketers, but this capability has to start with measuring the right behaviours, attitudes and actions,” said Damien Crittenden, Head of Strategy and Analytics, Xaxis Asia Pacific and Committee Co-Chair.

The white paper was first released to attendees of the Committee’s recent Training Series Event on July 20, as a supplementary takeaway to the day’s agenda. This document is aimed at addressing a gap in available industry literature on the topic, and to offer best practises for brands looking to create more robust measurement frameworks and processes.

The insights shared are based on in-depth interviews with marketers representing a range of Fortune 500 companies in addition to tech leaders, and global advertising agencies of varied business complexity and marketing sophistication.

The conclusions and recommendations have also been reviewed by industry thought leaders with backgrounds in media, publishing and more.

Miranda Dimopoulos, CEO & Ambassador to SEA, IAB Singapore called the white paper’s release timely as the Asia Pacific region rapidly moves through its digital development path.

“Now is the time for brands to lay down a sound foundation that will better enable marketers to connect the dots and related it back to business success,” she said. “The addition of this white paper to IAB Singapore’s portfolio of industry resources will serve as a comprehensive starting point for organisations in the region.”

To get a copy of the white paper, click here.