19 September, 2019 – The Interactive Advertising Bureau Southeast Asia and India (IAB SEA+India) has released the first extensive regional brand safety study.  Developed and produced by the recently formed specialty Working Group on Brand Safety, the report investigates behaviors and approaches to three key areas; Standards and Measures, Viewability Metrics and Ad Fraud.

Miranda Dimopoulos, Regional CEO, shared: “We are continuing our mission to elevate the industry with an Asia first approach.  This study explores global, regional and local buy and sell side perspectives as well as the impact of brand verticals on brand safety.  This allows us to move beyond guesstimates by testing a number of educated hypotheses and provide context for more considered strategies and solutions”.

Chris Hartsuiker, Regional Research and Policy Director, IAB SEA+India added: “One of the challenges this region faces is a lack of consistent reporting around common industry issues, making it difficult to gauge where our efforts as an industry organisation are best spent.  We now have a clear road map to achieve our new goal; that over the next three years brand safety will no longer be an independent issue but an everyday consideration for all.”  

Key findings from the study include that global brands predominantly drive concern over brand safety, according to 80% of agency respondents and 86% of adtech respondents. This is despite the fact that brand safety measures and standards are set with regional and local considerations in mind by 42% of the industry. Across the industry there is also inconsistency over which verticals show the most concern over brand safety – adtech and agencies indicated FMCG and Luxury Goods brands, but publishers primarily indicated Travel & Hospitality and Financial Services.

In the area of effectiveness metrics, a surprising result was the predominant use of engagement metrics against performance metrics, with 68% of responses indicating the use of metrics like reach, video completion rate and time in view over cost-per-click, cost-per-sale and cost-per-lead.

One of the less surprising, but troubling, results is that only half the industry is across issues of ad fraud in their day-to-day role, indicating that this is a topic better understood by senior levels and by those in more technical roles highlighting the need for education and top level understanding at earlier career stages. 

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