Additional reporting available for ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network

SINGAPORE, 15 JUNE, 2017 – Integral Ad Science (IAS), the measurement and analytics company that empowers the advertising industry, today announced it has expanded its partnership with Facebook to address growing concerns around transparency and viewability in the digital advertising industry. Marketers can now access expanded measurement and reporting across Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network, adding to video measurement capabilities first introduced in 2016.

To address the challenges around transparency, IAS continues to strengthen its partnership with Facebook to provide independent, third-party measurement to brands and agencies globally. This extended partnership is welcome by brands and agencies alike, and will drive greater visibility into campaign performance.

Niall Hogan, managing director of IAS in Southeast Asia, said: “Asia is Facebook’s largest market in the world. We hope that this partnership will give advertisers in Asia greater confidence about viewability and fraud measurement.”

He added: “IAS has strived to make digital space safe and transparent. We believe that each one in the industry has a role to play in realising the full potential of digital. This partnership is a step in the right direction and we at IAS are glad to deepen our relationship with Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network.”

The IAS-Facebook integration now includes additional reporting for Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

Facebook – IAS brought video and display viewability and fraud measurement to Facebook advertisers last year.  Now advertisers can measure and evaluate performance across campaigns based on the 50% in view for 1 second standard for display ads on Facebook.

 Instagram – Viewability and fraud data are now available for display ads on Instagram. This data is now available across Instagram Display and Video.

Facebook Audience Network – Fraud data is now available across Facebook’s Audience Network for video ads bought through the video view objective, extending third party measurement to inventory outside of Facebook’s owned and operated properties.

“Our industry must collaborate to move past our current challenges around transparency and measurement,” said David Hahn, Chief Product Officer at IAS. “That’s why we’re continually working to expand our partnerships with companies like Facebook to address these issues head on and provide a more complete view of their media buys to our customers.”