As ad fraud and brand safety continue to be key concerns facing the online advertising industry in 2019, TAG has been working collaboratively and effectively with many companies like Knorex to reduce fraud and promote greater transparency in digital advertising.

“Brand safety and anti-fraud technologies and initiatives have been our emphasis from our inception. We have invested heavily into these areas as it is crucial to our customers and we will continue to by working with the leading organizations and standards to ensure that we are adopting the best practices when delivering our products and services to our customers”, explained Abhishek Kumar, VP of Engineering of Knorex.

“We are pleased to recognize Knorex with the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal for setting and achieving the robust standards necessary to protect its customers and the industry from fraud,” said Rachel Nyswander Thomas, COO of TAG. “We look forward to working with Knorex to extend TAG’s efforts to fight fraud and improve transparency in digital advertising.”