Consumers have searched for what they want to buy on Search Engines for more than two decades now and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a mature practice with digital marketers.

With the rise of ECommerce in Southeast Asia, the fragmented Marketplace shopping experience means brands need to cater for Lazada and Shopee regionally, Tokopedia and Bukalapa in Indonesia, 11 Street in Malaysia, Qoo10 in Singapore and more in the region.


The IAB SEA+India Commerce Committee came together to discuss what some key Marketplace Optimisation aspects that brands need to lookout for are in order for their brands and products to be discoverable by online shoppers on marketplaces. The below, whilst not an exhaustive list, is a good starting point when looking at optimisation on marketplaces.

  • Product Descriptors
      1. Product Title – Product titles should be clear and contain keywords or what shoppers are looking for. Where possible, naming conventions can be followed with USPs added to stand out from search results.
      2. Product Description – Descriptions should be clear and have sufficient information that shoppers need and calls to action to convert them from shoppers to buyers. Keywords should also be included to ensure discoverability.
      3. Product Images – Clear visuals with multiple shots can help convince consumers and increase their understanding of the products. “Official Brand Store” brand marks within search results thumbnails can also provide consumers confidence.
  • Brand Reputation
      1. Reviews & Ratings – Positive customer reviews and ratings will not only help brands build their ECommerce reputation, but also improve their ranking on Marketplaces. However, some customers are skeptical of overtly positive reviews from unverified customers and thus it would be important to substantiate this with other aspects mentioned in this list.
      2. Customer Service –  Prompt customer responses on marketplaces ensure good customer service and this increases customer response rates which not only gives customers confidence in the brand but can also help improve rankings.
  • Pricing
    1. Competitive Pricing – Customers all love a good deal, so good deals get ranked better on marketplace search results.
    2. Bundled Value –  Rather than just price discounts, bundles which provide consumers good value will also entice customers.


Some leading marketplaces have created their “Seller University” content to provide sellers best practices on their platforms. Do a quick search for them and you would be on your way to improve your brand’s Marketplace Optimisation efforts.

This piece was written by IAB Southeast Asia and India (IAB SEA+India) Commerce Committee Member Nicholas Pan, Managing Director, Strategy and Commerce at VML Y&R Asia.