SINGAPORE; April 29, 2020 – Bhumi Varta Technology, an Indonesian software company specializing in location intelligence, business analytics, mapping and geofencing has chosen Mobilewalla, a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, as their data enrichment and analytics partner to provide end to end geo spatial solutions to enterprises across the retail, fast-moving consumer goods and finance industries.

Mobilewalla combines the industry’s most robust data set with deep artificial intelligence expertise to help organizations better understand, model and predict consumer behavior.

Using Mobilewalla’s comprehensive global repository of demographic, behavioral and location data, Bhumi Varta’s customers are now able to visualize consumer movement patterns in real time and anonymously map additional consumer attributes. Organizations with sophisticated location profiling and consumer behaviour requirements now have access to information that can drive better business decisions in optimising brick and mortar traffic, strategising business expansion, orchestrating supply-chain movements, and marketing to unique audience profiles like high-value customers and more.

“Mobilewalla’s data and analytic solutions have allowed us to continuously improve the delivery of our location analytics technology and data visualization platform. Adding high quality insights allows us to create stronger, more complete user profiles for over 138m mobile devices in Indonesia,” said Martin Terpilowski, President Director of Bhumi Varta Technology. “After working with their team for a few months, we are confident to say that this has been a fantastic investment for our company’s long-term goals as we strive to deliver excellent product and better service to our customers.”

“Mobilewalla is very excited to partner with Bhumi Varta Technology to provide data and insights enriching their product offerings,” said Anindya Datta, CEO and Founder of Mobilewalla. “As a leader in the Indonesian market, Bhumi Varta is working with some of the most forward-thinking brands in the market delivering solutions to help them grow their businesses.”


About Mobilewalla

Mobilewalla is a leader in consumer intelligence solutions, combining the industry’s most robust data set with deep artificial intelligence expertise to help organizations better understand and predict customer behavior. With rich insights into consumer behavior, our proprietary solutions help organizations get more out of their AI investments by making more informed business decisions and effectively acquiring, understanding and retaining their most valuable customers. Mobilewalla has the most comprehensive repository of consumer behavior and demographics in the digital marketing ecosystem with data on 1.6B devices across more than 35 countries. Our highly nuanced, multi-dimensional data sets optimize artificial intelligence techniques helping organizations to more effectively attract, retain and grow their customer base. To learn more, visit


About Bhumi Varta Technology

PT. Bhumi Varta Technology provides an end-to-end solution for location intelligence, business analytics, mapping and geo-fencing marketing in Indonesia. To know more about Bhumi Varta Technology, visit

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