SINGAPORE – June 29, 2017 – Outbrain, the world’s leading premium discovery platform, today expands its mobile app offering to marketers globally and launches unified dashboard engagement tracking and app measurement. The service targets customers across Outbrain’s network of premium publisher sites and gives mobile app marketers globally the opportunity to drive cost effective User Acquisition among a highly qualified mobile audience.

By partnering with leading mobile attribution companies such as TUNE, Adjust, AppsFlyer and Kochava, Outbrain will also provide mobile app marketers with a unified view of their app download analytics (e.g. Cost Per Installation, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)) in a single Outbrain ‘Amplify’ dashboard. This means that they can not only reach new users at scale in moments of Discovery, connecting with those most likely to install and engage with their apps based on Outbrain’s Interest Data, but also measure and attribute mobile app downloads and performance, using these insights to optimize their campaigns and make informed decisions about their marketing spend.

“Content is more than blog posts – it’s video, interactive ads, social posts, podcasts, and photos. Savvy marketers are jumping on the chance to create engaging, creative content that can be easily consumed on mobile devices. Through this partnership, Outbrain and TUNE customers can meld the best of content marketing and app marketing, from attribution to in-app engagement, together to find, win and cultivate new customers quickly,” Kelly Mullins, Director, Platform Partnerships, TUNE. 

According to eMarketer, the rise in app spending is driven largely by three main factors, including better targeting capabilities, which allow advertisers to find and serve ads to those

who look like the app’s most valuable users. As Outbrain continues to build on its promise and investment in surfacing new opportunities for marketers through innovation in targeting, analysis, measurement, and data driven Discovery solutions, it is already seeing success and working with some exciting partners to pioneer this new offering, including Blinkist, Innogames and Plarium.

“Outbrain has become an important channel for us in increasing our user base,” said Holger Seim, CEO Blinkist. With the seamless integration of app analytics such as Adjust, marketers can now optimise directly in the Outbrain platform, both efficiently and at scale.”

“InnoGames is always looking for new channels to acquire users for our mobile games. Thanks to Outbrain’s premium inventory and service, we were able drive highly profitable installs from day one,said Perrine Keutchayan, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Innogames.

Christian Henschel, CEO and Co-Founder of Adjust, commented: “We’re very excited to partner with Outbrain as it continues to surface new targeting capabilities for marketers. As we’re already integrated, any marketer working with Adjust will be able to try this out right away, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

The mobile app market is continuing to grow around the world, especially in the Asia-Pacific region and in major markets like India where mobile is everything, and where Outbrain continues to dominate in the Discovery space.

“We know that getting new users to discover and download apps can be a challenge. That’s why Outbrain is now able to recommend iOS and Android mobile apps to Outbrain’s global users directly via the app store or through content sequencing. And so mobile app marketers can continue to learn and scale from their efforts, we’ve also partnered with leading mobile measurement companies TUNE, Kochava, Adjust and AppsFlyer to provide mobile app marketers with a unified view of their app download analytics in the Outbrain ‘Amplify’ Dashboard,” said Amit Elisha, Vice President of Products at Outbrain.

We’ve been testing mobile app measurement campaigns with select early partners and seen great results, providing a viable and complementary alternative to Facebook and Twitter, who have to date dominated in this space.”

This development is particularly significant in Asia Pacific because consumers spend far more time in app than on the mobile web. Fionn Hyndman, Commercial Director, APAC at Outbrain, shares, “We’re enabling marketers to go beyond mere user acquisition, to retrieve insights that empower them to build much deeper relationships with loyal users. The mobile app becomes a direct point of access, and brands can now facilitate a continuous engagement loop with consumers – well after the initial download and installation phase. With mobile app’s growing share of digital media usage time, what we eventually hope to achieve is considerable increase in return on investment for brands and higher mobile ad yields for our publishers.”

Fionn Hyndman,Commercial Director, APAC at Outbrain

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